The term strategic generally refers to issues that are critical and/or long term in their impact. A strategic concept is an overarching idea that can lead to many other things. Strategic planning, therefore, should be a process that helps company executives determine in a thorough, rational way the best thing to do and the best way to do it. A Strategic Plan without a related set of implementation tactics becomes a vision, but not a plan. Strategic thinking refers to the particular mode of thought required to assess and evaluate on a strategic level.

Stratos, LLC has provided strategic planning assistance to senior management at a number of companies. We help implement a strategic planning process that starts with a thorough assessment of the current situation. From that starting point, the strategic planning team develops a vision of a desired and achievable future, and then designs the required systems, tools, techniques, processes, and procedures to successfully manage the transition from one to the other. Our approach allows individuals responsible for strategic planning to actually develop and implement a customized plan while they are developing the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques. This integrated approach ensures that the training is linked directly to the business objectives of the organization and generates the support necessary to be successful. Team members learn to plan, analyze, integrate information, and take action within the following strategic planning process:

  1. Determine the Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values,
  2. Conduct external analysis for threats and opportunities,
  3. Conduct internal examination of strengths and weaknesses,
  4. Complete a "gap" analysis,
  5. Develop possible scenarios,
  6. Complete a strategic appraisal,
  7. Consider the strategic alternatives,
  8. Choose a strategic direction, and
  9. Develop the implementation plan.