Causal analysis...

  • for an investigation team formed to determine cause of a major industrial accident at a major West Coast facility. We worked with a cross-functional team that included engineers, operators, management, and lawyers. Because of the sensitivity of the incident (fatalities involved), the investigation was completed under a specially arranged lawyer-client confidentiality arrangement. The investigation was successful and the project team was able to progress quite deep within the underlying causal chains.


Training design and development services...

  • to one of the world’s largest photo processing companies. The work started with a complete needs assessment that included onsite observations and interviews at locations across the United States. The training needs were then organized into a curriculum and training materials were developed. The training materials utilized video, printed workbooks, classroom interactions, and computer-based training. Training covered technical skills (focused on specific equipment), supervisory training, work process overviews, orientation programs, and sales/marketing training.


Organizational Assessment

  • Stratos worked with a multicompany project team at a process plant in Alabama to develop and implement a plan for an integrated project procurement strategy. The plan combined an internet e-procurement system of one company with a custom materials tracking system of another company, and the existing project and plant records system of a third company.

Causal Analysis

  • Stratos assisted a large manufacturing plant in completing an in-depth root cause analysis on a critical safety event. The analysis identified multiple root causes at both the mode/mechanism and the human systems level. Stratos also help develop and deliver a report and feedback session for the entire operating staff of the plant.

Teambuilding services...

  • for major upgrade to a large chemical plant in Louisiana. The work included five separate projects, including one all new proprietary system. The work progressed over several years with Stratos starting work with the initial venture management team of a large petrochemicals company during the project feasibility phase. We continued to provide support to the project through the detailed engineering phase, working with two engineering companies and the client firm. When the project moved to the field, we provided onsite teambuilding and work process consulting to integrated teams that included location, client head office, three engineering firms, and seven construction contractors.
  • We worked with Senior Management of a large engineering and construction firm to develop a strategic plan covering worldwide project development and management. The process included a global assessment of company threats and opportunities, and a qualitative risk assessment of various strategic alternatives.
  • Facilitated a conflict resolution process between a large engineering and construction firm and a major petrochemical company involving the characterization of several million dollars in project charges. Stratos assisted both sides in communicating their viewpoints on the issues and searching for common ground.
  • Consulting assistance to a large CPA firm in developing a complete set of company policies and procedures that not only complied with legal and regulatory requirements but also helped reinforce company goals and objectives.
  • Developed training workshops on the various lubricant technologies developed for the highly specialized equipment used in a number of industries. The workshops included videos depicting the types of machinery used in industries like aviation, agriculture, forestry, marine services, and paper products. Video footage was shot on location in Australia, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Stratos worked with a large U.S. chemical refining company to identify and assess a set of decontamination best practices for catalytic cracking units. Our consultants designed and executed a best practices workshop for operations specialists, day foremen, and other personnel representing process support, environmental, and industrial hygiene functions. The workshop included an internal benchmarking process and the creation of individual refinery action plans to select and implement new best practices.
  • Developed and implemented a consultative sales process for a large energy consulting firm. We first conducted an in-depth assessment of their current sales process and skills of their sales staff and provided an assessment report to management. Stratos created a customized version of the Stratos Consultative Sales Process that addressed specific market needs of the company.
  • Conducted a work process improvement effort for three large companies utilizing a shared product delivery system. The objective was to develop a shared understanding of the common system and its impact on operations at each company’s facilities. Our consultants worked with an intercompany team to identify the dynamics of each facility and of the shared supply system. The team then developed a coordination plan that would minimize operational impacts to each facility during scheduled supply shutdowns. The team also established communication protocols that helped each company manage interruption risks to one facility as the result of unstable operation at another.


  • Stratos assisted the accounting division of a major corporate Alliance to develop and implement a change management process. The process included a comprehensive assessment of their operations and the specific areas where change was most needed. We presented this report to management and then worked with them to determine the desired future state and the necessary steps needed to make that transition. Stratos continued the work with the company by assisting in the development of the change strategy, creating a communication plan, designing specific interventions, and facilitating those events
  • We developed a comprehensive training workshop on fact-based problem solving for mechanical inspectors working for a large chemical company. The inspectors were drawn from a number of facilities located across the United States. The workshop focused on practical problems faced by inspectors in their daily work. Inspectors were provided with new problem solving tools and given an opportunity to apply those tools on a complex problem.


  • Teambuilding services were provided to the front-end development engineering teams working on a large oil development project in western Canada. Design meetings, interviews, and teambuilding sessions were executed in Calgary, Canada. Participants in the teambuilding sessions included representatives from five major engineering firms and a large international oil company.
  • Stratos completed an operational assessment for a large chemical plant in Canada. The assessment used the Stratos performance analysis approach and provided management with insights into the causes of the current performance and guidance for ways to improve future performance.
  • Our consultants led an investigation of an incident at a large gas plant in Western Canada which identified a number of unrecognized causes and provided a basis for both learning and corrective actions at the facility.
  • We assisted a large energy company in the development of a training workshop on incident investigation and facilitated the workshop in Calgary for individuals engaged in the investigation of incidents globally.


  • Assessment, benchmarking, and work process improvement services to a large industrial operation based in Jamaica.
  • Our consultants worked with integrated Jamaican and American teams on a series of initiatives including an international benchmarking effort to help the company determine its place among similar international firms in a field with minimal available data.

Work process streamlining...

  • for the company’s billing and accounting processes. That effort was able to identify and eliminate a number of  unperceived repetitive steps to create a more efficient set of work processes. Inspectors were provided with new problem solving tools and given an opportunity to apply those tools to a complex problem. The workshop emphasized the sharing of existing practices in the context of a new problem-solving approach.