Causal Analysis

  • Stratos, LLC is working with an international joint venture operating a petrochemical facility in the Middle East to install causal analysis as a tool for corporate learning. This effort started with a Stratos consultant engaging with senior managers to define expectations of the process and establish ways to communicate management support of the use of causal reasoning to address problems.

Stragic Planning

  • Stratos worked with an international oil company to conduct an international survey and assessment to identify strategic directions in human resource development. This project involved designing the research process, conducting interviews with over 60 senior executives from a wide range of companies and reviewing and analyzing current literature on human resource trends. The result was a comprehensive study that identified seven key trends that could be expected to impact human resource management and development over the next ten years.

Knowledge Transfer–Human Resources

  • Stratos worked with a large international oil company to develop a complete cultural orientation program for their local employees being posted to positions in the United States for the first time. This program covered key difference in customs and cultural expectations as well as practical concerns of banking, housing, and transportation.
  • We designed and edited a 330-page hardcover book on the history of training and human resources in Saudi Arabia. The book traced the progress of skills development of Saudi citizens from the early efforts to the discovery of oil in the 1930s to the creation of the human resources necessary to support today’s massive industrial development.
  • Stratos consultants worked with a Middle East company to design and develop a complete management development curriculum for local employees. The curriculum addressed a range of key management skills as part of a company strategy to develop skills of local managers to gradually replace expatriates. Individual training modules were bilingual and made extensive use of video to illustrate key technologies.
  • Stratos completed a study to identify the Workforce of the Future for a large international energy company. The study involved interviews with a number of academic scholars and industry leaders and analysis of their varying views to identify most probable scenarios. This study was presented to the Board of Directors of the sponsoring company and published copies were provided to participating executives.