Because of our wide range of industry contacts, Stratos, LLC is sometimes asked to conduct research either within an industry segment or across a number of industries. Stratos brings the same skills used in its internal organizational assessments to these wider research efforts. All interviews with company executives are kept confidential and the analytical results are made available to all companies who agree to participate. The results have proved beneficial to all concerned.

On a recent project, Stratos worked with a large international corporation to assist in the development of a new strategic direction for their human resources management and development process. To gather information for this strategic initiative, Stratos was asked to conduct an international survey and assessment to identify current trends and directions in human resource development. This project involved designing the research process, conducting interviews with over 60 senior executives from a wide range of companies, and reviewing and analyzing current literature on human resource trends. The result was a comprehensive study that identified seven key trends that could be expected to impact human resource management and development over the next ten years.