Team Building

  • Stratos provided teambuilding, executive coaching, and work process improvement services to a large joint venture in Russia. The joint venture represented one of the largest efforts undertaken in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union and continues in operation today. The original joint venture included a large international European oil company, a large international American oil company, and two major Japanese manufacturing firms.

The joint venture maintained its corporate headquarters in Moscow with operations in Sakhalin Island. Stratos provided support to both locations.

Work provided to the joint venture included customized teambuilding initiatives with a number of management and operational teams. Stratos also worked with the clients to develop a comprehensive work process map for the entire developmental process delineating the roles of the various players.

  • Stratos provided teambuilding facilitation and strategic alliance development support to an American oil company and a Russian oil company exploring the potential opportunities in a multi-location global alliance.



Causal Analysis

  • Stratos provided strategic support to a root cause analysis effort at a large process plant in Singapore. Stratos designed and developed customized RCA training and facilitation materials for an international team gathered to address a specific manufacturing problem
  • Stratos helped design and develop a training workshop on the use of causal analysis in incident investigation. Stratos facilitated the execution of this workshop on several occasions in Singapore and The Philippines.